10 Proven and Simple Ways to Be Happy

10 Proven and Simple Ways to Be Happy
How to be happy, thousands of articles are written on it. The information contained in these materials is certainly helpful. The only problem is that we are often very busy and we don’t have time to follow the suggested instructions, or we are too skeptical and don’t believe in their effectiveness. In this article, we tried to collect a maximum of advice and create such a motivation so that you have an irresistible desire to change your life.

1. Stop being distracted by unimportant

Every “yes” that you say, choosing what to do now is “no” for hundreds of other possibilities. Focus is the key to everything.

No matter how trite, but the secret of success is actually so simple: do the most important thing and stop doing nonsense. Of course, this is not easy, and it is not clear what is the most valuable thing for healthy life. In this article we will look at many aspects.

Do you feel that you are loaded with daily or work tasks? Then, quite possibly, you lack the awareness of what is most important and what you need to say “yes” in the first place.

There is a lot of superfluous in our life, which takes not only time, but also our energy:

  • additional project that you are doing.
  • one more job.
  • things that you no longer need.
  • old habits that pull back.

The inability to say no is often dictated by the fear of missing the opportunity, closing the door in front of you, which can no longer be opened. But we can not have everything, so we have to choose, weed out too much: less useful or interesting at the moment.

Before you make a decision, always ask yourself: “How will this affect me and my future?”.

Of course, now you may not know what to say “yes.” So just pay attention to this advice and let’s move on.

2. Recognize your true values.

The single most important element of a fulfilling life is understanding your true personal values ​​and coordinating your existence with them.

Values ​​should be understood as those activities and goals that most feed your soul. What you are hungry for, what you like to read, what to think and dream about, what inspires you, brings joy.

For example: family, career, athletic build, art, spirituality, traveling, communicating with people , building your business and much more. This should be something you love to do without self-interest, even financial. It is likely that Steve Jobs was primarily eager to change the world, rather than become a millionaire, and therefore succeeded.

To find something to your liking, you will have to conduct a serious self-analysis and find your personal sources of enthusiasm and motivation. Try to identify for yourself 3-4 important directions.

3. Build your life according to your values for be happy

Your happiness is the ability to live without compromising your values. This is what we want to do, what makes us alive.

The more often daily thoughts and actions are in harmony with your values, the happier you will be.

You already have 3-4 core values, now let’s rank them in order of importance. The main value should direct every day your thoughts in the right direction, then in the future it will become easier for you to make the right choice in any situation.

Find out what 3 changes you need to make in life to start living according to your values.

4. Act on the basis of creative freedom, not necessity

From the moment of birth, each of us is influenced by the environment in the face of family members, friends, society, the media, teachers, and so on. In the field of our consciousness there are thousands of messages addressed to us by external voices. How to find your own voice in this noise?

First of all, you need to reveal your core values ​​(which we have already done). Then you need to set aside time to communicate with yourself, which you can spend alone and quiet. Meditation, travel and self-analysis (reading, keeping a diary ) are well suited for this .

Then you should analyze your past actions and understand what decisions you made out of necessity, and what you did because you really wanted to. In each person’s life you can find enough of these moments.

For example, even if some of your actions taken for reasons of creative freedom were difficult, you probably know that they are correct. The key is to make them as large as possible.

Many people quit their office work because they do not feel happy. They open a business or find other ways of earning, with which you can feel alive.

5. Live in the present, but don’t look for short-term pleasures.

If you remember the past too often, as it was then, or too much fixated on the future, when your life will finally sparkle with new colors, this is a vivid example of imbalance.

Such thoughts make us feel unhappy at the moment, all the time waiting for something better or thinking about how great it was before. You should not sacrifice the present, learn to rejoice in today, focus on what you live now, find what pleases you.

After all, you betray the very concept of happiness, if you think that it looms somewhere in the future. However, all this does not mean that you need to look for short-term pleasures that will make you happy right now, as a rule, their effect quickly disappears.

The skill of gratitude is the skill that each of us needs to develop. It is with him that you can enjoy the present every day and strive to make your future even better.

6. “Feed” your senses with the right food.

Our body feeds on food, water and other elements, the mind on ideas and the five senses. The quality of our mind and inner well-being is deeply shaped by what we watch, listen to, what we observe, what smells we feel, what we touch, what we read and what we think.

What do you feed your senses?

Music affects the mood. Depending on the genre, it can cause inspiration, calm, excitement, or depression and aggression. The same applies to the films that we watch, the books that we read, the people with whom we communicate.

For each sense organ, make a list of the things with which you want to nourish them. Stick to your plan.

7. Enter stream state to be happy

Flow is an excellent state of full integration with current activities. You are in the process of mind and soul, as if you are disappearing, and there is nothing else in the world. Maximum concentration.

And it does not matter what you do. Flow may occur during any activity.

The flow theorist Mihai Chikszentmihai introduced several conditions for entering the flow state. Their main point is to find an occupation that you really like, increase its complexity in such a way that you will not be bored (but not too difficult) and do it without any distractions.

What actions would you most likely enter the stream with? How can you speed up this process?

Our view of life determines our sense of life: do we feel pain or joy? In this part of the article we will learn to interpret our reality in such a way as to feel happy.

8. Rethink past events to be happy

Psychologist Morty Lefkoe suggests taking a pen with paper and analyzing a negative event of concern to you from past experience:

  1. Identify the thought pattern that returns you to this event.
  2. Give a name to this template.
  3. Identify the trigger that triggers these memories.
  4. Describe all sorts of positive interpretations of this event.
  5. Consciously reject false interpretation.
  6. Consciously accept the new interpretation as the truth.

Both analyses (positive and unfavorable) stand, yet your reality will certainly be determined by the one you decide to approve. This is a matter of your choice.

9. Treat everything as a growth opportunity.

This position is difficult to accept immediately, but as soon as you do this, miracles will begin. Surprisingly, after that you can wrap any event in your favor.

What used to cause resentment, now – the opportunity to strengthen their psyche. What used to cause difficulties in communicating with people now is the desire for self-development, the search for new behavioral strategies and their implementation.

This principle is a good cure for fear, frustration, anxiety and stress.

Everything that happens to us in this world gives us the opportunity to become even better. An event in itself does not mean anything. You yourself can make it positive or negative in relation to your life.

Consider how you can experience the following negative at first glance events in the most advantageous way:

  • Do you feel sick.
  • Your son does not obey.
  • You refused.
  • Your car broke down.
  • Rain is coming.
  • No one buys your product.

Yes, you can regard all this as a punishment for your past sins, get upset, fight it, close yourself from the whole world. And you can simply understand that every person in the world came across these problems and solved them. How? What did it give him and how can you grow above yourself, adequately resolving these situations?

Well-known psychologist John Eliot writes: “Eat stress like an energy bar.” Charge with problems, use them as a motivator.

Remember that depending on your relationship, any event can take away your energy or, on the contrary, add strength to you.

10. Move toward your fears

No fear should remain in the shadows, because it is a peculiar form of your weakness. Foster an inner hero who will challenge fears and phobias.

Concern is among one of the most instinctive human feelings. It can take lots of forms, such as anxiety (fear of future conditions), question (worry of the wrong selection) and also hatred (aggressive reaction to an unsafe object). Probably you have been experiencing all of it your life, so why not test it?

The problem is not fear, but your reaction to it. Yes, you have complete freedom, what kind of reaction to choose.

Fear is not a huge bargain. These are simply some electric impulses in your mind in combination with a small amount of chemicals passing through the blood. He can influence you all his life, and can leave if you give him a rebuff.

Challenge your fears daily: start with the smallest, gradually getting to the core.

We hope that after reading this article, you are one step closer to changing your life. We wish you good luck! and Be Happy!