Health and energy for work on the Internet

Health and energy for work on the Internet
Work on the Internet it is important not to forget about health, about your “personal” energy, about the radiation coming from a laptop or computer. This is all very much connected with efficiency and performance. After all, if you feel unwell and when you burn out, you will not be able to work efficiently, productivity will decrease.

What is important for health and powerful energy?

First, proper nutrition.

In my opinion, the most effective diet is raw foods or veganism. I just noticed for myself that it is on this kind of food that the energy greatly increases, the number of cases performed, and also the head works better and is cleaner for thoughts. In general, I advise you to find your “balance”, eat the food that gives strength, and not vice versa takes away, after eating which you want to do something, and not sleep. This you can feel in the course of their experiments. “Man is what he eats.”

Secondly, sleep is very important for Work on the Internet.

You should get enough sleep and sleep as much as you want and need, but do not pour it. Each has enough of his time – 6-8 hours, or the one on which he trained his body. Ideally, four hours before bedtime, do not eat anything in order to fully relax overnight, so that at night the body can recover and relax, rather than digest food. Nutrition also greatly affects sleep and its duration. For example, on syroedeniya sleep want less and lasts 6-7 hours. Go to bed until 10.00 PM. It is also important to inculcate the habit of going to bed, and then getting up in the morning, always at the same time. Body constancy is important. And with a chaotic schedule, with different time to hang up and wake up, the body constantly has to experience extra stress. Every time he has to spend extra energy getting used to the new graphics.

Third , exercise and rest breaks.

Work goes behind the computer with a minimum of movements. This is not “good” (that is, not good). Therefore, you need to plan breaks for rest and do exercises in them (for example, waving hands, push-ups, pull-ups, squats). As Gleb Arkhangelsky says: “If you work while sitting, have a rest while standing.” You work with a small number of movements – rest with exercise. It is also important not to forget about the eyes, doing exercises for them. When working behind the monitor, they are loaded most of all, the eyeball is deformed from its round shape to oblate. Therefore, exercise and your eyes. I would also advise you to include in your schedule 15-20 minute exercises in the morning. Simple exercises invigorate and charge for work much cooler than any coffee or other “narcotic” drink. Exercise and rest is most important when you work on the internet

Fourth , correct posture when sitting at the table.

For better circulation of energy in the body, without curvature and stagnation. This affects the performance and the ability to sit longer at the computer. Sit up straight. Also, some recommend working standing up by buying a high table. This, too, can be done, but at first it will be difficult to stand and work. You will get used to getting tired faster. But this is a temporary effect, so to speak, addictive.

Fifth, fresh air and walks for Work on the Internet.

Systematically ventilate the room and walk outside. Do wet cleaning, removing accumulated dust from furniture and the floor. The quality of our life, health and performance greatly depend on clean air. Do not forget to ventilate the room just before bedtime, and on warm days it is ideal to sleep with the window open. Tell me, what is the clean air in the city?

So it is, there is really nothing to breathe there. Even in the mornings, when the cars have not yet dispersed, it can stink because of the working plants. But you are working on the Internet, and therefore you can easily change the deployment to the Russian village, or else go to a warm country located near the sea.

Sixth, the rest of the entire electronics.

The computer equipment irradiates us, eye muscles are strained from it. Don’t you feel it? As after a long time spent behind the monitor, you become somehow strange, you react to the world in a slightly different way, not ideal for your part, you can say you become “boiled”. And if it is very very long to sit in front of the computer, then it begins to nauseated a little. I think this is all due to radiation. Anyway, any electromagnetic radiation (EMR) harms us with varying degrees. What can be done to reduce its impact?

To arrange days completely without electronics. For example, once a week. Disconnect all devices completely before going to bed, put the smartphone and tablet on “airplane mode” so as not to experience this wild radiation from mobile networks at least at night. Delegate work on the Internet freelancers , so that not all functions are performed by yourself, especially the routine. Have fun in a way that is not related to being in front of the monitor, so as not to be irradiated additionally and during rest.

That’s all! The text is over! Perhaps, it would be possible to get some more information about effective work on the Internet in my “compote” (that is, the article), but I decided to limit myself to remembering what I know and what I adhere to myself.