MPPSC Exam Syllabus and Jobs Detail

MPPSC Exam Syllabus and Jobs Detail

What is the MPPSC

Are you preparing for the MPPSC exam and want to get all the information about it? Before getting the information related to the job in MPPSC, you know what is the MPPSC. (in Hindi) MPPSC or Madhya Pradesh Public Service Commission is a recruitment organization that recruits people for various government posts in Madhya Pradesh. It was formed on 1 November 1956 under the President’s Reorganization Act of the States. MPPSC offers different examinations for appointment to various posts in different departments under the state government of Madhya Pradesh. Candidates who pass their exams by proving their qualifications are called for an interview. And the candidates who show their talent in the interview are appointed to the respective posts. Prior to an appointment on the posts, all the candidates are trained so that they can understand their liabilities and discharge their duties.

Now let us know that under the MPPSC, the departments come from angles, what positions do they appoint and what is the syllabus of its examinations?

Government departments and opportunities for various jobs:

MPPSC mainly conducts examinations for 4 service departments. These 4 service department exams are:

  • State Service Exam
  • State Forest Examination
  • State Engineering Examination
  • Librarian and Sports Officer Exam

In addition to the above examinations, Assistant Professors and Assistant Registrar’s examinations are also organized for various subjects in the educational institutions. Their courses are also different from other examinations.

State Service Examination:

This examination is organized for appointment to government departments and institutions under the Madhya Pradesh government. Such as the police department, income tax department, and other government offices. This exam is held in two parts: Initial Examination and Main Examination. Unqualified candidates are sorted out in the preliminary examination and for those who pass the main exam, an interview is conducted. The names of different posts under this examination are given below:

  • Deputy District Magistrate
  • District Excise Officer
  • Deputy Superintendent of Police
  • Superintendent District Jail
  • Naib Tehsildar
  • Inspector
  • Assistant Development Commissioner
  • Transport Sub Inspector
  • Commercial Tax Officer
  • Cooperative Inspector
  • Assistant Jail Inspector
  • Development Clerk Officer
  • Commercial Tax Inspector
  • Excise Sub Inspector
  • Assistant Director of Training

State Service Examination Course:

State service exams are completed in three phases: Initial Examination, Main Examination, and Interview The initial examination is of objective type and the main examination is written descriptive.

There will be two question papers in the initial examination and the time to solve both of them is two to two hours. The first question paper will be related to the general study and the second question paper will be of general interest.

  • Part of General Studies: General Science and Environment, History of India and Independent India, Geography, Sports, Current Events of India and the World, History of Madhya Pradesh, Geography, and Culture, Information and Communication Technology, Politics and Economy of Madhya Pradesh and India, Human Rights Protection Rule
  • Part of general aptitude: interpretation of communication, communication skills, logical skills and analytical ability, general mentality abilities, decision making and problem-solving, basic numerology, and interpretation of statistics.

There will be 6 question papers in the main examination and this examination can last for 2 to 3 days. The first four question papers will be based on general knowledge (history, geography, politics, agriculture, constitution etc.). The fifth question paper will be based on general Hindi and grammar. The sixth question paper will be of Hindi essay writing.

State Forest Service Examination:

This examination is being organized on the posts under the Forest Department of Madhya Pradesh. This examination is conducted in two parts: Initial Examination and Main Examination. There are mainly two posts under this examination:

  • Assistant Forest Conservator
  • Forest Ranger

State Forest Service Examination Course:

The curriculum and structure of the preliminary examination of the State Forest Service are very similar to the initial examination of the State Service.

Its main examination consists of two question papers and a salutakar. Both of these question papers are of 200 marks. Their courses are given below:

Main examination: This is a written examination. It will be asked questions on the following topics: General Studies, General Introduction to Madhya Pradesh, General Hindi, Common English, and Early Mathematics. Questions will be asked in the second question paper on science, technology and environment.

State engineering service examination

This examination is organized for the post of Assistant Engineer in the Public Works Department and Public Health Department. This examination is for candidates of Mechanical and Civil Engineering only. This examination is also divided into early and main tests.

State Engineering Services Examination Course:

  • Initial Exam: This type of test type is 500 marks and has two question papers. The first question paper is based on general equality (general English, general Hindi, and general knowledge). The second question paper is based on the related engineering subject (mechanical or civil).
  • Main examination: This written exam is based on engineering related topics. In this, questions related to the topics related to mechanical or civil engineering are asked.

Librarian examination:

This examination is organized for the appointment of a librarian in the libraries of the government libraries and educational institutions. This is a written test whose course is given below:

Librarian examination course

  • Library, Suggestions, and Society
  • Knowledge organization and processing
  • Management of library and information center
  • Information Services, Source, Systems & Retail
  • Information Technology, Automation and Networking
  • Networks & Software
  • Digital information management
  • Digital library
  • Research Methodology
  • Presentation data and Bibliometrics

Sports Officer Examination

This is also a written examination and it is organized for appointment to the Sports Officer in different government sports organizations. The course of this examination is given below:

  • Computer use in-game statistics and physical education
  • Scientific theories of sports training
  • Test Measurement and Evaluation in Physical Education
  • Sports psychology
  • Do exercise
  • Cognition and Sports Biomechanics
  • Health education and sports medicine
  • Foundations and Methods in Physical Education
  • Sports and Sports and Yoga Exercise

In addition to these chief posts, MPPSC gives suggestions for appointment to other posts.